Thursday, February 2, 2012

Zombie Killer

So lately I have been having a lot of zombie related dreams. Just last night I had five dreams all filled with zombies. In my dream I'm running around a house trying to figure out what to grab before I make my get away. Now if I were a super awesome heroine in a zombie movie I would love to wear something like this....

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Circus Circus

Sooo ready for Valentine's Day!

Bohemian Love

Girls With Glasses Show

If you haven't checked out this lovely duo then you need to get on it...NOW! The beautiful girls are Summer Bellessa, editor-in-chief of Eliza Magazine, and Brooke White of American Idol fame. They have a lovely web series that covers beauty, fashion, parties and throws in some fun little musical ditties for your viewing pleasure. Two very sweet and personable women.
Go check them out!

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Oh and I met someone....

I met Gala favorite blogger!! I completely fan girl'ed out on her....all I could keep saying was, "You're Awesome!"over and over....hahahaha. I don't even do that with celebrities I have met! I have been reading her blog for a few years now. I love her style, exuberance for life, insightful words, she is truly awesome! :0) Her pink hair makes me happy too. I would love to work with her and just see the way her mind works. I think we could have some fun creating together. Check out Gala Darling's blog.

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Alt Summit Party Party Party!

So this Jan I got to do some very fun things! I helped out my friend Summer Bellessa put on a party for the Alt Summit Conference, which is a blogging conference with panelists and parties. She and Brooke White have a web series called the Girls with Glasses Show. They threw a party with a Paris theme....and it was FABULOUS! They had delicious Parisian treats....and a great backdrop of the Paris skyline! It was so fun. And then I was able to go and crash all the other parties being was a wonderful girlie evening filled with photo booths and treats.

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Love that background!
Pictured: Summer, Kelsie, Me!, Jet, and Brooke White!

Oh why yes, that is Gala Darling! Sooo fun!

Hanging with baby Rockwell....soooo cute!
Most dapper baby I know!

I mustache you a question!

Jet and me looking like we don't know what's

Squishing together!