Monday, April 15, 2013

Movie Monday: Dirty Dancing

 Today's Movie Monday is inspired by the classic movie Dirty Dancing! This one goes out to my BFF Mandy! It is her FAVORITE movie. She can quote it backwards and forwards. She even got to sit in the same desk as Patrick Swayze (she went to the same middle school that he did.) for her science class. If she is having a bad day, this movie can turn it around for her.

I also adore this movie. It captures the audience, you feel every emotion with Johnny and Baby, you experience it all with them. I remember watching this at the age of 12 with girlfriends at a slumber party, and we kept rewinding the part where it shows Patrick Swayze's butt for 2 seconds! It was glorious! The dancing is phenomenal (Patrick was a classically trained dancer before injury changed his course) and the music is a perfect backdrop to the events that unfold. Patrick even sings the song, "She's Like the Wind" which is in the movie.

It is the perfect summer movie. Get inspired and get out of your corner, grab your Johnny,  and get Dirty Dancing!

 My favorite part of the movie is this scene:


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  1. YES!!!! Definitely one of the greatest movies of all time!! I am still very upset that they have decided to remake it! It's like remaking just should not be done! And yes it definitely can pick me up from a bad day! :)

    Great movie choice for this Monday!
    Love you!! :)