Friday, June 28, 2013

Bedroom Envy

I'm seriously wanting to update my bedroom. These bedrooms are giving me some major bedroom envy. I look forward to having a house of my own that I can decorate in my own way.

It's going to be hard to curb my impulse to have various styles of bedroom decor. I swear every 6 months I'm going to want to change the color scheme and sheets and bed spread and decorations. The hubby might not like that too much, haha.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

 Lipstick! I have been wearing lipstick A LOT lately! I'm loving NARS lipstick in Schiap (bright pink), and Maybelline's Vivids Lipstick in Vibrant Mandarine (a wonderful red orange)

My Conair Curling Wand! I love having my hair in beachy waves. This makes it so easy and the style lasts for DAYS! Sometimes I feel like my hair is so flat when it is straight after I've rocked the waves for a few

Marilyn Monroe, saw an interesting Biography on her the other day where various actors and actresses played her and the people in her life, reading letters, journal entries, interviews, etc. It was so intriguing and gave another layer to this Icon! 

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is a favorite movie of mine, and of course Diamonds Are A Girl's Bestfriend is a classic song.

My stepmom is an art teacher and she is AWESOME! She has a studio at the house where she holds annual summer art camps, and these photos from her All That Glitters day makes me happy! If you are in the Houston area, checkout her site and get a seat at Art Camp!


Wear It Wednesday: The Boyfriend Jean

I'm launching a new feature on the blog called "Wear It Wednesday". I will be sharing "How To" style tips on anything from fashion basics to fashion trends

 I get asked a lot from friends on how to pull off certain looks or how to take the things they have in their wardrobe and make it fresh and new. With this new feature I will share how to update one's look with new trends, various ways to style one item, how to mix different styles, etc. 

Today I address "How To" style boyfriend jeans, which is a tough look to pull off without looking and feeling sloppy.  You want to make sure you get a relaxed fit but not baggy, pay attention to fading and whiskering, when done badly it adds pounds. This a look that works better on straighter figures because it adds curves. 

ROMANTIC: I love making it romantic with a soft paper thin blouse that has some flowiness and skims over curves. Cute details like eyelet are sweet and add visual interest. I like keeping the colors soft with a washed out blue jean color, add some cute accessories and you will be girlie and date ready.

RELAXED: For days when you want to be comfy but cute I love taking the more relaxed look. I love a striped t-shirt that is soft and has a good drape, is fitted loose without being baggy. I love a slightly darker wash on the jeans, and a cropped length with cute Converse kicks. Add some gold accessories and a red lip and you are good to go.

QUIRKY: Sometimes you want to have fun while being casual. I love a novelty t-shirt, sequins are fun and glam up the look. Add some cute shoes and colorful accessories and let your personality shine loud and proud!
 I look forward to helping you in your wardrobe quandaries, so please send me any questions you may have and I will do my best to help answer your fashion questions! 


Friday, June 21, 2013

Fun Friday Tunes to Kick Off the Weekend

Enjoy some good tunes to kick off your weekend! I'm going camping! Woohoo!

Things I Love Thursday

So, one of my favorite bloggers Galadarling has a feature on her site, that I have always enjoyed, where she shares things that she is loving and are bringing happiness to her life. So I thought I would take inspiration from her and share with you the things I am thankful for and that make me happy.

  • My hubby is amazing! I love him so much.
  • Seeing my family last week was just so perfect, the wedding was wonderful and my niece and nephew stole my heart even more! LOVE! Look at those beautiful faces!

  •  Seeing my bestfriend and bonding with her over crazy wedding planning and her calm with me as I freaked out over flowers and heat and decorations.

  •  My dad and stepmom's dog Kozmo......LOVE THIS DOG!

  • My beautiful sister and how amazingly talented she is and seeing how wonderful of a mother she is.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Movie Monday: Mad Men: Sally vs Megan Draper

As I was watching Mad Men this evening I was inspired by Sally and Megan Draper. I imagined Sally sneaking into Megan's closet and stealing a dress, then how she would style it as opposed to Megan. 

Megan is always very chic and fashion forward, she loves using bold colors and patterns, and enjoys fun unique designs. 

Sally is a bit more classic, and tends to wear softer colors, though she is branching out and trying new looks, figuring out who she is. 

Hope you enjoy the two looks!