Thursday, July 30, 2009


(I love her bow and pink teased hair here...and sparkles!!)
My latest Girl Crush would be Miss Gala Darling. Her webzine/blog is a colorful homage to making your dreams a reality and about living and loving a fabulous life and all in her own way. She has fun with life and fashion. She never takes herself too seriously, and one of my favorite regulars on her site is Things I Love Thursday, where she takes a moment to share the little and big things that make her happy at that moment. Be it cute socks with heels, or how her boyfriend says the sweetest things, or how some new accessory makes her smile. She has an affinity for all things that's and addiction we So go on over to her site and see the amazingness that is Gala Darling.
-Miss Paige

(I love the pop of color the tank adds to a sexy black look...P.S. I have that

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