Saturday, August 15, 2009

Guy Crush of the Week!!! - James McAvoy

(From Penelope)
I was watching Becoming Jane earlier, and I just have to say, James McAvoy is just brilliant. Those eyes, the mischeivous grin, unruly hair, and chiseled body, all equate to a man of true fantasy foder. And he's a hell of an actor as well, so kudos there too :0) I also love him in Penelope (which is a great movie, and has amazing costumes and set design/decoration, a must see) In Wanted he is just sooo bad ass and he's just damn sexy in it. I do wonder what he is like in real life, he seems to be quite the gentleman, and seeing pictures of him and his wife (sadness when I found out he was married) they just seem sooo in love and happy, and a man that treats a woman right is just wonderful. Enjoy the photos!
-Miss Paige
(Children of Dune) (sexy sexy!!)

(Becoming Jane...I love this movie but it makes me bawl like a baby. Their love story is amazing and sad.)

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  1. um. YEAH!!! I have a total secret like on him. Very VERY drool worthy!