Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I got married and moved to a small town

In the past year since I last blogged, I fell in love with a wonderful mormon man named Gabriel, got married, and recently moved to Elko, NV, where we are currently inhabiting his parent's basement apartment.

It a pretty little town, with mountains all around, and it has snowed a few times, but it doesn't stick too long. The people are friendly and his family is wonderful and sweet.

Gabriel got a job working for Union Pacific as a signalman's helper. So far he is enjoying it, but it does take him out of town. He works 8 days on and has 6 days off. I am now a housewife, which is interesting. I will admit I'm a little bored and am brainstorming things to do.

And I now have more time to work on a blog :0)



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