Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Costumes: 90's Throwback

Halloween Costume Ideas

Tis the week of Halloween! And I am sure many of you are looking for last minute Halloween costume ideas. I decided to go retro 90's with Courtney Love, Drew Barrymore, and Drew as Casey in Scream. 

For Courtney grab and babydoll dress, a tiara, rip up your tights, slip on some combat boots, rim your eyes in dark smudgy eyeliner and smear on some red lipstick.

90's Drew Barrymore loved Daisies! Get a daisy headband, layer some pastel slips, and grab some chunky shoes. Throw up a peace sign! and slick on some vamp lipstick.

For Drew in Scream put on a cream colored sweater, khakis, tuck your hair under a blonde bob wig, and smear blood all over. Bonus points for carrying a cordless phone!

"Whats your favorite scary movie?"

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