Friday, December 16, 2011

We moved to SLC!

Gabriel and I moved to Salt Lake City, UT in July and so far so good. We have a cozy little one bedroom apartment that is a work in progress when it comes to decorating. I am currently loving the fun colored lights and sparkles on the Christmas tree and fireplace mantel. I love me some sparkles!

Can't believe it's Christmas in 10 days! Been running around getting presents and wrapping them up in pretty purple and gold paper :0) It's always obvious which presents under the tree are from me. I believe in fun, pretty wrappings for presents....I like to make it a fun experience.

I am excited for this Christmas, as it is the first Christmas Gabriel and I will actually get to spend together since getting married. Last year he was in Elko and I was in Houston. It will be a new experience doing Christmas with his family. I am hoping it is a white Christmas....would be extra special, since we really don't have those in Texas.

I am excited to be working as a volunteer for the Sundance Film Festival this coming January. I will be working in Special Events....soooo, helping throw parties....should be an experience for the books :0) Wouldn't mind seeing some sexy celebs....Ryan Gosling....GO TO SUNDANCE!! I want to see you!!!

- Paige

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