Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Movie Monday : Hackers

Movie Monday : Hackers

Movie Monday : Hackers by jemgirl817

Today I was inspired by the movie Hackers. I love how quintessentially 90's it is. With the raver clothes, asian inspired looks, futuristic fabrics, and cheesy graphics it is 90's gold.

 I love Angelina Jolie's wardrobe, hair and makeup in this movie. She is so young and her face is so cherubic and naughty at the same time. She plays Acid Burn, a feisty elitist hacker, who has a sharp tongue and screw you attitude.  

This movie is cheesy in the best ways, and is a fun romp around NYC, with lots of great 90's era fashions. It will make you want to chop off your hair, wear pastel lipstick, and paint your nails in candy colors.

In my collage I took direct inspiration from a few outfits in the movie and then just had fun with things I could imagine Acid Burn wearing. 

Pop some popcorn, settle in and watch this fun movie and get a chuckle from how dated the technology has become. 


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  1. LOVE this one, Babe!! Drooling over all that cool stuff! If I only had the money, ALAS!!