Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Beach Waves: How To

My Beach Waves

My Beach Waves

In the Summer I like to do Beach Waves to my hair to eek out a couple of days between washings. The texture is great for hiding greasy roots, and a lil dry shampoo goes a long way too!

First I prep my hair by sprinkling in dry shampoo, then spraying all over with hairspray. This really helps give the hair volume and texture and helps hold the waves. 

Then I section the top half of my hair and clip it up. I wrap 1-2 inch sections of hair around the curling wand. (It takes some practice but you'll get the hang of it!) Hold for a few seconds, till hair is warm to the touch. Curl bottom half of hair then spray with hairspray. Let top section down and starting from front curl hair away from the face. Spray with more hairspray.

Finger comb and shake out hair. Spray Sea Salt throughout hair (Don't spray too heavily!) then tousle with fingers. 

Links to products I use below...have fun sporting your waves!

Caviar Hair Shampoo

 Elnett Hairspray
Styling product

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