Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Color I'm Loving: Chartreuse

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 I have loved the color Chartreuse for years! When I was in design school it was a favorite color to use in projects. It is such a rich and vibrant color, and though you wouldn't think it, it pairs well with such a variety of colors. I love it with aqua, red, purple, gold, and fuchsia. It also really POPS against neutrals. It is very pretty on very fair gals as well as very dark skinned ladies. It is great in accessories to add a splash of color, or in a beautiful silk top. I love it in home decor as well. I personally always love the idea of it in a small room, like the dining room or for an accent wall in a living room. It brings such a level of sophistication and richness to anything you pair it with. 

Try adding the color in your wardrobe, or to spice up your decor at home, I promise you'll love it!

 Why yes, that is me rocking a chartreuse shirt! Follow me on Instagram!

 Beautiful outfit from Oscar de la Renta Fall/Winter RTW 2013

 OPI Nail Polish - Great way to test out the color and add a pop of color to your look!

 Julianne Hough rocking the color at a Rock of Ages Premiere

A great example of how the color works in home decor.


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