Thursday, March 21, 2013

Picture Inspiration

 Thought I would share some of my latest picture inspiration. 

I'm LOVING hot pink, neons, and just vibrant colors in general. I can't wait to have a house that I can truly decorate in all sorts of colors, prints and fabrics. My interior sense of style is a bit bohemian/rock-n-roll/kitschy. 

I've been wearing lipstick A LOT lately. I normally wear just balm and go about my day. This winter I loved rockin the "oxblood" color on lips as I mention here, and I have also been wearing various shades of pink and red, with NARS's Lipsick in Schiap, a almost neon pink, and Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm in Lovesick, which is a hot pink. and also NARS's Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil in Dragon Girl, which is a bright orange red.

I've been rekindling my love for Buffy lately. It is such a witty show with lots of great dialogue, action, and horror. It was such a HUGE show for me in high school. I went along the journey with her and felt her joys, pains, heart aches, as we both went through adolescence.

I love these photos! It would be amazingly fun to run around town in sequins leggings and big puffy coats, I would feel so happy. I would laugh and love to make other people smile as I danced down the street. I also would love to float around in arty prints and just lounge at the park in flowy, easy fabrics. Color is just so happy! Sooo ready for Spring! I want to wear tons of sparkles and be like a fairy leaving trails of glitter behind me. I want to wear flower wreaths and dance in the sun. I'm also really loving candy colored hair, and dream of dying it a deep magenta or pale violet.



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