Wednesday, March 6, 2013

You Are Beautiful: Learning to love yourself

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 I recently started a job as a wedding dress consultant. In the short time I have been there it has been amazing to me the amount of women that have such intense body issues. They have flaws that only their eyes can see. Just yesterday I had a woman who thought her hips were emphasized in a dress, when actually the dress made her hips look smaller. All she kept saying to me was that she didn't like her body, and that she felt so unpretty. This woman had her daughter and fiance with her, who both adored her. She has a man who thinks she is amazingly gorgeous, and it showed all over his face. Her daughter kept telling her she was so pretty in each and every dress, yet this woman could not see how beautiful she was, and how her curves are soft and lovely.

I have seen it most of my life, as a young girl who took ballet, as a teenager with my own misconceptions of my body, and as an adult working in the fashion industry. Body issues are ridiculous!

Do I adore my body 100%? Honestly, no. Could this and that be smaller? Sure. Could I be healthier? Yes, and I am working on that. But, I KNOW I'M BEAUTIFUL! I decided many years ago to enjoy the things that I find beautiful about myself. I have incredibly soft smooth skin. I love my big blue eyes, widows peak, cute nose, lips that look really pretty in colored lipstick, my boobs, my dancer feet. I love what my body can do, I also remind myself that body is a work of art created by God. I love that my husband finds me beautiful and sexy as hell!

I remember at about 19, while I was a leader for Young Women's Camp for church I had a revelation. I always wore shorts with my swimsuit because I was self conscious about my thighs. One day we were at the lake and I just decided, screw this, I don't want to wear shorts, no one here cares, so I went shorts less and it was awesome. It was so freeing to just accept my body for what it was. I was a healthy, active young woman, and I wanted to have fun at the lake. That moment was a big turn around for me in accepting who I am. As I have gotten older, and matured, that "Screw It" attitude has only grown, and I am so thankful. I do things when I want to do them, I don't wait around for others if I want to go see a movie, I stand up for myself, I stand up for those I love, I look in the mirror and make sure I find something positive. 

Stop judging yourself against what "society" tells you is beautiful. I recently heard that Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt would cling to each other in pain during the filming of The Devil Wears Prada because they were so hungry and starving themselves to be skinny. Is starvation really all that attractive? NO it is not!! We look at these people in the media and think they have it all, but who wants to subsist on raw veggies and water all the time, and never have a juicy steak, or a couple of scoops of delicious ice cream? Certainly not me!

We are more than our waist size, our dress size. We are more than our physical. We have been created by an amazing God, who created us in His image. We are DIVINE! We are Queens! We have Eternal purpose! Develop your talents, share them. Spread joy, and love, and acceptance.


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  1. Beautiful, I love it! I couldn't agree more, and think this should be talked about so much more. Thank you!!

  2. I just want to say thank you. There are many campaigns that are all for larger women accepting their bodies and loving their curves, which is terrific. But the backlash is that some of those say that only women with curves are "real women" and that ends up hurting those of us who are on the other extreme end. I have been bullied so much of my life because of my size. I am 21 and weigh in at barely 85 pounds. There is nothing I can do about it. Just last year, I was walking and someone threw a McDonald's milkshake at me as they were driving by and yelled some awful things. People need to realize everyone, no matter their size, deserves respect. There need to be more campaigns for full body acceptance, rather than campaigns supporting a certain body type. All women are "real women." Thank you for supporting everyone.

  3. I am so glad that this post resonated with you. It is ridiculous for people to shame you over being thin. I have women in my family who would LOVE to get to the 100 lb mark and out of the double digits. It can be scary and hard to try everything to gain weight and not be able to. All women are beautiful. It truly is what is inside that counts, and that shines through. Sending hugs your way!