Friday, March 29, 2013

Stand Up For What You BELIEVE IN!

 Stand Up For Something! Stand up for WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN! Don't back down when people try to push you down for your beliefs, even if they are contrary to the what everyone else thinks! Even if you are alone in your convictions, at least you can hold your head up high knowing that you didn't back down.

As I have grown into my adult years, and especially as I have been married, I have come to find my (more conservative) beliefs causing more friction with people in my life. It has been a learning experience, and I have learned to stick my ground, even when people are not so nice.

Now this is not to say one should be rude. We must always be respectful to others and their differences of opinion. And often we will come to an understanding of, "Let's agree to disagree". 

We must also take care to not judge others that believe differently than we do. We must love others and see the good in them and accept them for them. This does not mean we must surround ourselves with those that we don't care for, but we must always respect them. 

Prepare yourself so that you may give educated, well spoken responses to those that question you. Prepare to not let others hurt your feelings. Understand that often people can't see beyond their own way of thinking. Know that what you have to say is not necessarily to change their opinion, it is to inform, to educate, hence why being prepared and knowledgeable is key. 

Always try and see where others are coming from, and let them know you understand what they are saying. 

Never bully those that are different. Our differences are what make this world such a beautiful, intriguing place. 

Have integrity, grace, humility, sincerity, love and respect...always.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Do what makes you FABULOUS!

 I'm FABULOUS! At least, that's what this image conveys! When we are children we are free. We have wild imaginations, abundance of energy, we are daring, and we are the heroes of our daydreams. We sing and dance with abandon. We love the cheesiest, silliest things. If we want to rock crazy socks and a red hair bow, we do! Give us the backyard and it becomes our kingdom, our stage for all sorts of epic adventures. We aren't worried if our hair is unbrushed, or we have a hole in our tights, we just want to explore and learn, and be. 

As adults we lose this bravery, this imagination, this belief that anything is possible. And as adults we let practicality over shadow dreams. Many of us had parents that as we got older no longer told us we could be cowboys, or princesses, or space rangers, we had to do something responsible, that was reliable. And though not bad advice, it certainly took away some of our passion. Things started to seem too far fetched and unattainable, so we set our sights lower. 

Well I'm here to say, set those sights high! DREAM again! Branch out, follow your passions, follow your dreams. Stop saying one day and DO IT! 

Want to travel? DO IT!

Want to write a book? DO IT!

Want to open your own business? DO IT! 

Do the things that scare you, that inspire you, that intrigue you. Start researching places you want to go, or how to get published, or where would be the best place to open your business. Even if you never do some things, you can get inspired through the research and the learning that can send you down a path to something even greater that you never would have thought of before.

Surround yourself with the things that make you happy, that get your creative juices flowing. Get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature, take a class, give service.



Monday, March 25, 2013

Movie Monday: Harry Potter

 I am a lover of all things Harry Potter, and thought I'd take some inspiration for outfits via the House colors. Hufflepuff: Canary Yellow and Black, Gryffindor: Scarlet and Gold, Slytherin: Green and Silver. and Ravenclaw: Blue and Silver (in the movies and the mascot is the Eagle) (in the books it is Blue and Bronze, and the mascot is the Raven).

Checkout the website, which is a site by JK Rowling and Sony, that is an interactive journey through the books. Go and get sorted! I did and I am a Ravenclaw! Yay!

Let your inner Harry Potter lover out and put on your best House colors and gather your friends, drink some Butterbeer, eat some tasty treats, and have a marathon!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Office Brights

Office Brights

With Spring in the air I have been craving a refreshed desk space, with pops of neons against black and white and hints of gold. Lately I have been drawn to neons and super rich colors. So here are some great items to spruce up your office and make even menial tasks more fun!

I love the idea of small bowls set out to hold the little things like paperclips, and staples. I want tons of colorful, stackable storage boxes to hide my clutter and organize my ever growing collection of magazine tear outs. Scheduling meetings, and writing down thoughts and inspiration is instantly more fun when you have pretty, brightly colored journals and daily planners. And don't just jot down your notes with any old black pen, grab some colored pens and pencils to spice up the pages. Carry  your electronics in funky, textured cases. Post pictures and things that inspire you with quirky magnets that make you smile. Sip your drinks from a Pantone mug. Rest your feet on a Morrocan inspired metallic pouf! Place pretty flowers in fun gilded vases. Tell time with a whimsical clock. Just get things that will help your creative juices flow and make you happy to come in and work.