Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A 15 year unrequited love affair

Hello dear reader, it's been a lil bit. So I have been craving these boots for probably the last 15 years. They were made by Skechers in the 90's and came in the mid calf and up to the knee lengths. I have yet to ever be able to find them, I don't believe Skechers actually makes them anymore, and they were hard to find even when they were popular. A guy I knew in highschool had them and refused to tell me where he got them (not that I could have ever afforded them, but still) and I never knew the name of them. 

So I was watching Empire Records recently, and Liv Tyler's character totally has the mid calf ones in the movie. I was like OHHHHHH!!! lol

*le sigh* 

How I wish I had those boots.
-Miss Paige

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