Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wedding Day Dreams

So I will admit dear reader that when it comes to weddings I am a hopeless romantic, and look at everything wedding related that comes before me. I even have a wedding binder, dear reader, filled with tear outs from magazines that range from reception ideas to wedding dresses to beauty regimen. I have this binder to be my go to when, one day, I will find myself engaged and ready to plan. I will be that much more prepared...I tell myself this so I don't seem so

As an LDS gal I have certain criteria that must be met, like a modest gown. I also thankfully don't have to worry about a ceremony to pay for. Many LDS brides hold their receptions in the local church buildings gym/cultural hall, because it is a large space and also more importantly, free. Now while I like the idea of free, to me, a gym is a gym no matter how much you dress it up. I think the only way I might like the idea of using the cultural hall is if I were able to cover the entire thing ceiling, walls in white draped fabric and the floor in dark wood. But well that would just cancel out the savings of free, so a venue would be better.

haha got on a tangent I just realized.

So I find beautiful ideas and feel like sharing, because maybe my findings will help you dear reader if you ever come upon pending wedded bliss, and well I like sharing pretty pictures :0P

I love this cake. I've been thinking lately and drawn to very laid back and fun type of weddings. And I've always liked daisies and sunflowers and bright saturated colors like fuchsia and teal and royal purple. All of which are fun and a bit whimsical and carefree. 
Such a great mix and all "running through a field of wild flowers" sooo pretty!!I love the simplicity of this dress, so beautiful, and it looks like it would float nicely as I walked. Also I've really been in love with Empire waisted gowns, I'm just finding the whole Pride and Prejudice look so dreamy. Floaty gowns and tousled tendrilly updo's = heavenly.

- Paige

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