Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blog Nirvana

I found blog nirvana about a week ago. Kingdom Of Style is a blog I found randomly and I am in love. Queen Michelle and Queen Marie (the bloggers) have amazing style. Queen Michelle's style is the way I wish I could dress, and Queen Marie shares my affinity for all things sparkly :0)
I check it daily. It also makes me wish I lived in the UK, because so many people there have amazing style, it's just ridiculous.

Queen Michelle is my style crush. She is unafraid of out of the box clothes. She has a rock n roll edge and creativity that makes me jealous. She makes her own PVC leggings!!! I wish I could rock PVC  leggings, but alas I am curvy in a way she is not. Shiny Thunder Thighs is NOT sexy!! lol

Queen Michelle = Love!!
- Miss Paige

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