Monday, April 27, 2009

Gorgeous dresses and the moods they invoke

We all love ourselves some gorgeous wedding dresses. These make such beautiful statements and evoke different moods. Enjoy:0)
-Miss Paige

This dress is a very classic shape and design, but also very stylized. I picture a retro glam wedding. Very crisp, very formal, but with quirky accents. Like black and white with a pop of color, or lots of silvers and grey tones and fine bone china. 

I love this dress. I love the fluidity of it. I picture a beautiful garden wedding with flowers over flowing from arches and tables draped in vibrant richly hued silks. 

These dresses are so fairy tale. I picture a forrest wedding. Trees wrapped in white lights, with swags of airy white fabric draped between trees, creating gossamer tents. Crystals and flowers draped from tree branches, sparkling in the lights, and filling the air with a sweet fragrance.

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