Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh the jealousy!!

So after posting the first Guy of the Week, Matthew Gray Gubler, I find out that my friend got to meet him. AGH!!! I was so jealous. She and her boyfriend saw and chatted with Matthew at the Starbucks in the Barnes & Noble located at the Grove shopping center in L.A. (Which was a double, dang!!, because she and I used to frequent that very B&N when I lived there, so close, yet so far!) She confirmed my inkling that Matthew is a complete dear. He was surprised and delighted that her boyfriend recognized him, and took a picture with my friends boyfriend. She also confirmed that he is indeed GORGEOUS in person, and has a smile that truly is breathe taking. (I noticed ;0P) 

It got me to thinking what I would have said if I had met him. I would have probably suggested Vegas and marriage...lol...and a future with beautiful babies :0) 

I also would have bonded with him over our shared love of Halloween. 

*le sigh*

-Miss Paige

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