Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A 15 year unrequited love affair

Hello dear reader, it's been a lil bit. So I have been craving these boots for probably the last 15 years. They were made by Skechers in the 90's and came in the mid calf and up to the knee lengths. I have yet to ever be able to find them, I don't believe Skechers actually makes them anymore, and they were hard to find even when they were popular. A guy I knew in highschool had them and refused to tell me where he got them (not that I could have ever afforded them, but still) and I never knew the name of them. 

So I was watching Empire Records recently, and Liv Tyler's character totally has the mid calf ones in the movie. I was like OHHHHHH!!! lol

*le sigh* 

How I wish I had those boots.
-Miss Paige

Friday, February 6, 2009


I saw the movie Fan Boys tonight, and it was AWESOME!! Totally funny, nerdy, and I loved it :0)
Yes yes I am a nerd, or a dork...I enjoy SciFi stuff.  So I decided today to be irresponsible and go see the movie, I needed an escape from reality. Because life sucks right now, especially financially. Hence why it was super irresponsible for me to go see it. But whatever, I enjoyed it :0)

Go see it!!! 
- Miss Paige

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nostalgia Over My Youth

I've recently become reacquainted with the show My So Called Life that was on the air back in the earlyish mid nineties, and I love it. I identify with Angela and her crush on Jordan,takes me back to my teen years, it was all sooo DRAMATIC back then. Oy Vey!!  
Also it's been making me wanna dye my hair with some manic panic, thrift my clothes, and get some awesome chunky boots. I loved the plaid babydoll dresses and combat boots. 

I remember when Hard Candy and Urban Decay came out with their pastel and crazy colored nail polishes, vamp lipstick and nail polish was all the rage, baby tees with naughty phrases, thigh highs and short skirts, guys wore huge pants and wallet chains, my friends would pierce themselves with safety pins....ahh...high school.

You had grunge and then the Clueless look. Both awesome. I still watch Clueless and drool over the clothes. Hasn't been a resurgence of that look, though it was adorable.

I also loved the fashions of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, especially around the end of season 2 and beginning of season 3. Buffy was so cute and girlie and had these really adorable and coordinated outfits. 

I myself wish I had pictures of what I wore in highschool, mainly my sophomore year, though I don't have many pics from before my junior and senior years. Maybe it has to due with how around 16 I blossomed and ditched the glasses and braces. 
Oh dear reader, my fashion during 10th grade was quite interesting. I had two main looks, Granddad's old golf pants from the 70's (think lime green or blue plaid or lavender) a baby tee and my Van's wannabe's (and streaks of color through my hair courtesy of a marker) or short black skirt with black baby tee and strappy high heeled sandals (dubbed the slut shoes) top it all off with dark lipstick and chipped dark nail polish. :0) OH BOY!!  haha

After 10th grade I became a bit more normal with my look. Tried to be a lil more preppy. Though one thing I do wish I still had would be the perfectly faded and worn Wranglers that I would steal from my brother and stepdad. They were bootcut, before people started wearing bootcut, and sat low on my hips, before hipster jeans were al the rage. I looked awesome in those jeans.

Ok so here are images to take us back in time :0)

The high fashion Clueless lookThe Vamp Lipstick

Queen of the Grunge look, Courtney LoveThe Vamp nail polishAfter grunge, girlieness came backClassic!!!

I wanted a pair of vinyl pants sooo bad!!

- Miss Paige

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dream Home Stuff

As I get older I dream of my own place. A place where I can choose my decor, play my music, watch my movies, and do this all naked if I so choose :0P

I gather images on my laptop of items that I love/want in my dream home. I'm a lil kitschy and love lots of color.

so in no particular order: Things I Love

How could you not have fun in a room like this??!!
So 50's and Barbie!! LOVE!!I'd be a baking fool and the awesomest hostess in this apron :0)

I love the silhouettes on the cups:0)

- Paige

Wedding Day Dreams

So I will admit dear reader that when it comes to weddings I am a hopeless romantic, and look at everything wedding related that comes before me. I even have a wedding binder, dear reader, filled with tear outs from magazines that range from reception ideas to wedding dresses to beauty regimen. I have this binder to be my go to when, one day, I will find myself engaged and ready to plan. I will be that much more prepared...I tell myself this so I don't seem so crazy...lol.

As an LDS gal I have certain criteria that must be met, like a modest gown. I also thankfully don't have to worry about a ceremony to pay for. Many LDS brides hold their receptions in the local church buildings gym/cultural hall, because it is a large space and also more importantly, free. Now while I like the idea of free, to me, a gym is a gym no matter how much you dress it up. I think the only way I might like the idea of using the cultural hall is if I were able to cover the entire thing ceiling, walls in white draped fabric and the floor in dark wood. But well that would just cancel out the savings of free, so a venue would be better.

haha got on a tangent I just realized.

So I find beautiful ideas and feel like sharing, because maybe my findings will help you dear reader if you ever come upon pending wedded bliss, and well I like sharing pretty pictures :0P

I love this cake. I've been thinking lately and drawn to very laid back and fun type of weddings. And I've always liked daisies and sunflowers and bright saturated colors like fuchsia and teal and royal purple. All of which are fun and a bit whimsical and carefree. 
Such a great mix and all "running through a field of wild flowers" sooo pretty!!I love the simplicity of this dress, so beautiful, and it looks like it would float nicely as I walked. Also I've really been in love with Empire waisted gowns, I'm just finding the whole Pride and Prejudice look so dreamy. Floaty gowns and tousled tendrilly updo's = heavenly.

- Paige

Blog Nirvana

I found blog nirvana about a week ago. Kingdom Of Style is a blog I found randomly and I am in love. Queen Michelle and Queen Marie (the bloggers) have amazing style. Queen Michelle's style is the way I wish I could dress, and Queen Marie shares my affinity for all things sparkly :0)
I check it daily. It also makes me wish I lived in the UK, because so many people there have amazing style, it's just ridiculous.

Queen Michelle is my style crush. She is unafraid of out of the box clothes. She has a rock n roll edge and creativity that makes me jealous. She makes her own PVC leggings!!! I wish I could rock PVC  leggings, but alas I am curvy in a way she is not. Shiny Thunder Thighs is NOT sexy!! lol

Queen Michelle = Love!!
- Miss Paige

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wedding Fun

I was bored last night and was looking at wedding cakes and bouquets on google, and came across some awesome cakes when I typed in "fun wedding cakes".  A few Mario and Star Wars inspired cakes made me smile.

I also found the cutest cake topper...totally a "me" kinda cake topper...lol. 

- Miss Paige


Well I've been contemplating a blog for awhile, and here we are :0) Mostly you will find this blog as a place where I will post about fashion, interiors, wedding, art, books, and just about anything else that inspires me or catches my fancy. This will also be a place for me to just rant and rave and say what's on my mind about things. 

Hope you enjoy and find it brings a smile to your face :0)


- Miss Paige