Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DIY Inspiration

I'm itching to do some creative projects. I've been wanting to update our bed linens, and I love the idea of dip dying, and tie dying a duvet and sheets. Would love to use beautiful vibrant pinks and blues.
Spray painting some toys gold and placing them around would be fun. A great way to add some whimsy to my decor.
I love the Dolce & Gabbanna jewel encrusted clothes from a season or two ago. I want to use that as inspiration to decorate some plain solid color throw pillows. Would be soo fun to have crazy, cool, sparkly pillows in my living room, I smile just thinking about it.
Also with my love of sparkles, I would love to give some objects around my place the glitter treatment. How fun would candle light look bouncing off glitter candle sticks!

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