Thursday, April 11, 2013

Places I love: Disneyland!

Well, in about 3 weeks I am going to DISNEYLAND! and with the BFF! Sooo beyond excited! I love Disney, and giggle like a school girl when I get near anything Disney. I am the adult that goes to the Disney Store to browse and take in the little bit of magic that is there. I look at everything Tinkerbell, I collect snowglobes and mugs with her on them. I retired my Disney character clothing several years ago. 

My Europe trip fell through (sad face!) so I have the funds to take a much needed best friend trip. My bestie is in the early preggers stage....see her blog chronicling her pregnancy journey here.....and I wanted to give her a fun trip to put a smile on her face, and get some QT time before baby monopolizes her time ;0) If anyone has advice on how to do Disney while preggers that would be very welcome!

The hubby and I went to L.A. last summer and of course went to Disneyland. So I thought I would share some of our pics and tell you about some of my fave rides and places in Disneyland!

 Riding the tram to the park!

 Walking down Main Street USA towards Sleeping Beauty's Castle

 My favorite ride! The Haunted Mansion! I ride it as many times as I possibly can in a visit. I love the ballroom scene where the ghosts dance around. I always want to get out and just look at everything up close. I would love to just clean that attraction! To get to touch it all and see all the hidden gems of the ride! Heaven!

 Adventureland...home of the awesome Indiana Jones ride! You HAVE to check it out! It is sooo fun!

 Pirates Of The Caribbean is a CLASSIC! and is so much fun. The revamped parts with Johhny Depp as Capt. Jack Sparrow has really added a entertaining twist to the ride.

 Splash Mountain! So Fun!
 I love the Snow White ride!

 Redd Rocket's Pizza Port in Tomorrowland is a great place for a quick bite. The pizza was good and the salads were fresh and quite large. Also you can refill your drink, which is nice, and helps save money. See the review on Disney Tourist Blog here.

 Space Mountain is another favorite of mine. I tend to get motion sick very easily, but the cold air in this dark ride really helps prevent me getting sick, and it sooo fun to zoom around in the dark!

 Was the hubby's first time at Disneyland! Convinced him to wear the pin the whole day! Pick up your pin at the Guest Relations building! It's a great way to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, first visit, honeymoon...etc. And many cast members will give you special treatment when they see you in a pin! 
It's free!

 Hollywood Tower of Terror is my favorite ride at Disney California Adventure. The queue to get in is totally worth the wait. The "hotel" lobby is so intricately done, I just want to touch it and get upclose personal looks at everything. The ride has such a fun backstory from the Twilight Zone, and is a really unique ride. It is a must see!

 Waiting in my row number to board the "elevator".

 Cars Land is the newest addition to DCA and it is AWESOME! The Radiator Springs Racers is worth the wait. We did the single rider line to by pass the HUGE line (its had just opened the month before) and actually ended up in the same car together. It is a great ride that mixes dark attraction with zooming around the raceway. So entertaining, and no two rides are the same. GO SEE IT!

 The details on this ride are AMAZING!

 Flo's V8 Cafe is a wonderful counter service at DCA. The food was good and the milkshakes were super yummie! Read the review from Disney Tourist Blog here. The whole of Cars Land is just so well executed, so many tiny details make an incredible experience.

 We headed back over to Disneyland to close out our evening. Make sure you go through the walk through in Sleeping Beauty's Castle. It has scenes from the story and is a great quiet stroll, and it's so fun to go inside the castle.



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