Monday, April 1, 2013

"Movie Monday": The Walking Dead

Opps! I meant to put Andrea not Lori!

The season 3 finale of The Walking Dead was tonight, so I thought I would take some inspiration from the lady characters, and well Daryl, because he's just THE BEST! 

For the most part the costumes are kept in neutrals and faded, but every now and then we get pops of colors for certain characters. Maggie started out in soft pinks, and florals, and has transitioned to dark colors. Andrea often wears blue, and Beth favors soft pastels. Carol and Michonne wear the most color, staying mostly in the pink, rust, orange, and red families. Daryl wears leather and is a general bad ass! LOVE HIM!!

Boots are essential in the zombie apocalypse, so everyone is outfitted in various styles of boots. Denim is a easy and popular choice, and easy loose shirts win out most, though Michoone favors tight fitted clothing most.

Let out your inner bad ass and give your zombie killer self some love with these inspired outfits.


 And because you can never have too much Daryl!


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