Monday, April 8, 2013

Movie Monday: The Craft

 This weekend the movie The Craft was on tv and it brought back nostalgia over my high school days. This movie is very 90's but in some of the best ways. The acting is great, the clothes are awesome, and it's such a fun movie. I highly recommend it. 

The movie centers on 4 girls who attend a Catholic high school, so there are lots of pleated skirts mixed with thigh highs (all the rage in the mid 90's) cropped sweaters, and chunky shoes. The makeup is pale skin, smokey eyes, and dark lips. The girls wear mostly black or navy, and occasionally some browns and neutral tans. There is a lot of pattern and fabric mixing to give texture to the outfits. I personally love Nancy's (played by Fairuza Balk) vinyl cropped trench and little backpack purse, so perfect for the time. 

I wanted to keep the girls looks in harmony with one another, but still show their unique personalities. I love the floaty fabrics, paired with more aggressive and punked up fabrics. I do miss the days of thigh highs and cute a-line skirts. Vamp up your look and put a little witch in your step!

The characters are: 
Sarah - Played by Robin Tunney
Nancy - Played by Fairuza Balk
Bonny - Played by Neve Campbell
Rochell - Played by Rachel True
Chris- Played by Skeet Ulrich

Go rent it! 


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