Monday, June 3, 2013

Movie Monday: The Goonies

I had the great pleasure of introducing the greatness that is The Goonies to my young friend this weekend. I was shocked to hear she had never seen it, so it was a MUST to watch. 

It is a classic and I love the humor, incredible sets, adventure, and wonder the movie invokes and has. I miss movies that create real truly amazing sets for the  actors. Today's CGI just makes me sad sometimes. To think the actors are staring at a ball and have a wall of green around them, how depressing.

I love how dominant the Nike product placement gives me a chuckle. I quote the movie all the time, and it just makes me so happy to watch. Definitely recommend it!

  Oh the fashion! Get a kick out of hottie "Brand" in his shorts over sweat pants, "Chunk's" pairing of plaid and Hawaiian print, "Data" and his crazy's just a HOOT!

Go get a copy of The Goonies and remember, "Goonies Never Say Die!"


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