Friday, January 4, 2013

Clarisonic Plus Review

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So, as I predicted, my hubby is awesome and got me the Clarisonic Plus Cleansing System!! YAY!! I've only been using it for about a week, and I LOVE IT!!

Anyone who knows me, knows how obsessed with being smooth and soft I am. I love having the softest skin of anyone I know, and I love when people tell me how much they love my skin. My skin was also one of the first things my husband noticed about me. He said he just wanted to touch it because it looked so soft. He even bragged about my skin to his mom when we were first

I have never had bad skin, and growing up with a little sister who had severe acne always made me thankful for my skin and I tried not to complain too much when I did breakout. Since moving to Salt Lake City, Utah (I am from very humid and wet Houston, Texas) my good skin has gone AWOL on me. My skin is drier, prone to rashes, and my face breaks out much more frequently. It sucks! I switched to Cetaphil Gentle Skin Face Wash and Moisturizer which helped quite a bit, but I still would breakout more than I was used to. I also scar more than I used to.

I have several friends that use the Clarisonic and love it, and they have AMAZING skin! So after much debating, dreaming, and research, I decided I wanted one of my own.  I'm so glad my hubby got it for me. Already I have noticed it leaves my skin incredibly smooth, and my skin is looking clearer and more refined. I really believe that my moisturizer is sinking in better and my husband used the word radiant to describe my skin last night!! YAY!

I have also added in Josie Moran's 100% Argan Oil Moisturizer I got at Sephora, and it is wonderful.

Now I will say, the Clarisonic is not for everyone. I have a good friend who got it and it made her break out really bad. She has extremely sensitive skin and so even using a new cleanser can irritate her skin.

Now the reason I wanted the Clarisonic Plus is that is comes with multiple speeds, varying timers, and has a brush for the body. The higher speeds are great for my nose area, I use the slower speed for my cheeks, and the body brush is great for the backs of my arms. I have gotten little bumps on the backs of my arms that is known as Keratosis Pilaris and exfoliating and moisturizing is the best way to get rid of them. The use of the body brush has significantly smoothed my arms.

Over all the Clarisonic Plus is easy to use and figure out. You have your ON/OFF button, the button to change speeds, and the brushes are changed easily. The default time is 1 min with 20 seconds for the chin/nose area, 20 sec for the forehead and 10 sec for each cheek. There is a pause between each interval of time so you know when to switch areas on your face. That is when the face brush is attached. When you attach the body brush the time is 3 mins with no pauses though you can choose between a constant or pulse speed of the brush.

My only gripes: Supposedly the brush also should beep with each interval pause, mine does not beep, only pauses. You can change the timer to 3 different levels of time, with intervals of 1min 20/20/10/10 sec, 2 mins 40/80/100 sec, or 2 mins constant no sec intervals. You do this by holding down the ON/OFF button and then pressing it again and each level is indicated my a series of beeps....I have yet to figure out how to do this successfully. I think it would be better to have a visual indicator of what time level you are in rather than through SOS type beeps.

Update: My Clarisonic has started beeping when it pauses in between intervals! Yay!

I will update y'all after I use it a bit longer, but so far I love the Clarisonic Plus!

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