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Golden Globes Best and Worst Dressed In My Opinion

 Last night's Golden Globes had me laughing! Amy Poehler and Tina Fey were great hosts, though would've liked to see them a bit more. There were some great speeches and some very weird ones (Jodie Foster I'm looking at you!) The fashions as a whole were underwhelming. Very very few gowns made me excited. I hope everyone steps it up more over award season! The color choices were limited, mostly nudes/pale pinks, burgundy, and black. Lots of Old Hollywood "Lana Turner" styled hair swept over one shoulder. Pretty, soft romantic makeup. Lots of mermaid style gowns! Hottest lady for me was Naomi Watts. Hottest guy was Robert Downey Jr, he is looking so young and just love his cheekiness! His hair was awesome. I hope you enjoy my pics for Best and Worst dressed.

In no particular order...

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 Best Dressed

 Naomi Watts was perfection in her burgundy Zac Posen. She is my best dressed celeb of the night. Everything about her look had me oohhhing and aahhing. DEVINE! Look at that train! Now that is a Hollywood star!


Emily Blunt was regal in gold Michael Kors. The cut outs at her ribs is on trend for spring and her exquisite jewelry compliments but does not compete with her gown. Her simple hair and makeup look elegant.

 Kate Hudson showed killer curves in her black and gold Alexander McQueen. She look amazing. I just would have liked to see her hair up so we could really see the neck detail of the dress.

 Anne Hathaway looked very pretty and polished in Chanel. It was a nice sparkly white column, though a bit bland, not very amazing for someone who is up for BIG awards! Her hair and makeup looked fresh and beautiful.

Jennifer Lawrence was beautiful in her tomato red Dior Haute Couture gown, with gold belt. It fit her beautifully, though the boobs are a bit reminiscent  of the cone bra of the 50's. Her makeup was soft and her hair was all these pretty twists gathered into a low chignon.
 Amy Adams looked gorgeous in her ballet pink Marchesa mermaid gown. It almost matched her alabaster skin. It showed off her amazing body, and I love her jewelry. The hair is not my fave, but her makeup is soft and pretty.
Jessica Alba actually tends to have some great style. Though I am not a big fan of her, I am a big fan of this head to toe look. Her coral Oscar de la Renta, HUGE diamond necklace, and soft hair and makeup had me sitting up to get a good look. She at least looks like a movie star.

Megan Fox is one HOT MOMMA! She was serving sexy in her blush lace Dolce & Gabbana gown. Beautiful drop earrings, Old Hollywood hair and serious smoulder. Her hubby Brian Austin Green was quite dashing in his tux.

 Kelly Osbourne: Girl is working that lavender hair! Her hair and makeup were flawless and the Zac Posen gown showed off all the right curves. LOVE!

Honorable Mentions

Best Preggo Style

 I didn't know Kristen Bell was pregnant!! She looks GORGEOUS! And I loved her flowy romantic dress. She was just glowing and her bodice sparkled beautifully.

 Favorite Family

Michael J. Fox with wife and son. They all look so good. Her Ralph Lauren dress is an AMAZING color. I was like, "ohhhh" when I saw it. The men look great on their perfectly cut Ralph Lauren tuxes.

 The men of the Golden Globes were quite dashing for the most part. My favorites were Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr (He looked GOOD! so sexy!), Aaron Paul, and Brian Austin Green (who's wife let slip that the tux he wears is the same for every awards show, just new ties! lol Testament to a classic!)

 Worst Dressed

Lena Dunham, you managed to look bad in ZAC POSEN!!! You confessed on the red carpet that your dress would shift sideways and you would have to keep tugging at it to line up your bust. Your stylist is AWFUL!! That means the dress does NOT fit properly! Get a dress that fits!! Your are a "Hollywood  Darling" right now so you should have had more options! The color of the dress is bland and does nothing for you. The shoulder straps are not flattering, and your tattoo looks weird. You needed amazing jewelry with this dress. You would have elevated the look with some large emerald drop earrings or a diamond and emerald statement necklace. You need color! You are at the top of my worst list!
  Oh Jessica Chastain, I love you, but this ensemble is HORRID! The color is the only redeeming quality of the dress. It needs to be hemmed, makes you look like you have old lady boobs, and cuts you strangely in the back. And your HAIR! WHY?! It would've been beautiful with a side part. The weird slicked back portion hangs weirdly and look like wings! I was really looking forward to seeing you, definitely a disappointment.
 Oh Julianne Hough, this dress is just too much. The top does not go with the bottom and was just soo big!! And your faux hawk hair just didn't add to the look at all.

 Sarah Hyland, you are young, you are not Sofia Vergara, please don't dress like her. Your hair looks like bad Real Housewives of Beverly Hills....never good! Too poufy, too helmety. And OMGoodness too much boob!! Please have more fun with fashion while you can!

 Miyam Bialik, your dress was pretty, it just wasn't flattering in you. From the waist up you look beautiful, your hair and makeup were soft and pretty. From the waist down we have problems. You need a wider belt to give you more shape. Your belt was too skinny and accentuated any roundness of your belly. Your dressed was too long. I love you, and want you to look amazing because I know you can! Also your dress was sooo similar in feel to Kaley Cuoco's!! why?

Kaley Cuoco, the dress is pretty and fit you well (Miyam take note of the way a dress should be hemmed!). Where you lost points was with your hair and makeup. You look better with a side part, and the heavy makeup aged you. If you wanted vampy makeup I would have gone with a sexier more structured gown. You have a great body and I'd love to see you show it off in a more fitted corseted number. You also look great in color, I would love to see a color on you like a sunny yellow, aqua blue, or hot house pink.

Alyssa Milano I applaud you for your choice of yellow, you were one of the few that went with any real color. But your dress is awful. It looks like a cheap bridesmaid gown, fits you horribly, needed hemming, wrinkled, and makes you look pregnant! Neck up gorgeous, neck down, A MESS!

More Worst Dressed

Lucy Lui, just too much, and too big! Anjelica Huston, what happened to your face?! I'M SCARED!! Eva Longoria, the Angie leg has been done, it's 2013 now, time to work a new look. Amy Poehler, the pants fit badly. Zooey Deschanel, just boring and typical, I was severely underwhelmed. Taylor Swift, I loved the color and style of your dress, it was just so wrinkled, and the HAIR! Why do you have old lady helmet hair?! Why?!

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