Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Interview Attire and Beauty

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 The other day I was hanging out with a good friend and her mom, and they invited me to go on a trip to Europe with them in June!! Soooo.....I have to get myself a job so I can save up and go have some fun and travel. I mean travel is one of my New Year's Resolutions....gotta make it happen!

I have started applying to jobs and went in for an interview at a bridal company to be a consultant. I stayed up late trying various things on and off, running from bed room to living room wearing different shoes and asking my hubby what he thought. FRUSTRATING! Cause my wardrobe has become more casual and grunge/rocker and much less professional person. Also the FREEZING temps were stumping my shoe collection. My standard Frye Boots, I have worn everyday since I got them a month ago, are too rugged. And this is gross, but my black flats are way too stinky! HA! (That's what you get when you wear them sock less) I NEED to get me a pair of leopard flats like I have pictured above.

What I did wear is pretty similar to the above collage. I threw on my denim button up, put my striped shirt over and rolled the sleeves up with the denim cuff peeking out. (My top is black background with white stripes. Purchased at F21.) I dug out a pair of slim black pants, that I had in the back of my closet, and cuffed the hems with a tight small roll. I wore black oxford style heels. I tossed my Micheal Kors (In a wonderful teal color) bag over my arm.(Thanks hubby!) I personally like to showcase my personal flavor, so I tend to throw in some quirkiness when I can. I added a brooch to my top, gave myself a black lined cat eye, swiped on some Super Orgasm blush, slicked on my new NARS red lipstick, twirled my hair around my Curling Wand, and placed a red glittery barrette in my hair. My hubby approved! 

I felt pulled together and fashionable. The interview ended up being a group interview (Oh Boy!) and I think I did well. We'll see. I'm looking for more things. I'm gonna make my travel (and home ownership) dreams come true!

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